1. Auto. Position computer control system has been achieved a prefect flexibility and friendly to operators to minimize the set-up time.
2. Equipped with Down Stacking and Square Device ( E、B、A Flute)
3. The newest type (can be advanced by adding optional 4 and 6 corner device)
4. The maximum working width is 1700mm.
5. Simple operation: The upper pressing bar can be adjusted by Air.
6.With Heavy Gear Box.
7. Equipped with Panel Movement by motorization.
8. Available for optional: Stopper / Regulator at Trombone Section.
9. New type Conveyor.


1. The corrugated paper is delivered smoothly by suction belts with vacuum system.
2. Upper pushing claws can be adjusted easily in running process by phase adjuster.
3. The glue filling system is by auto. recycle. The surface of gluing roller is with embossing design to save the volume.
4. The transmission is by Timing Belt with the advantages of accurate driving, with low noise and free maintenance.
5.The gap and pressure can be adjusted by feeder rolls according to substrate thickness, so it is very good to work 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated boards.


Easy for operation, Operation at high and stable speed, Structure security, Cost effective.
1.The main machine controlled by Human-Computer Interaction in connecting with Remote Controller is easy and convenient for adjustment and operation.
2.Equipped with the self-driving belts and air type of upper pressing bars, it is easy to adjust the pressure accordingly. Depending on the different paper thickness, the Upper Pressing bars can be set by air cylinders to deliver the blanks without pressing marks at high and stable speed.
3.The unique design of machine can keep its stability with low noise and without vibration even under high-speed operation to avoid the production loss.
4.The movement of each carrier is by fully automatic position with PLC positioning system. By entering the related product code, each machine unit will be automatically positioned to shorten the set up time to increase the capacity utilization.
5.To meet various kinds of order demand, the standard machine can be advanced by adding other options, such as 4-corner attachment and 6-corner section etc. to achieve its highest efficiency.
6.The main transmission is inverter motor connected and driven by gear boxes in joining the movement of each section, and with the unitized speed for whole belts of machine to deliver the blanks accurately without slanting.
7.With the optional of Regulator after Feeder for more accurate delivery. The creasing wheels can enforce the folding strength to reduce the fish tail problem.


1.In-line with Auto. Flute Laminator to collect laminated sheets upside and downside automatically.
2.Save manpower and increase the production speed.
3.New Type pallet changing system.
4.Non-stop system.